Gluster support for Wireshark is maturing!

A lot of changes were committed recently to the gluster-wireshark repository. A lot of effort was put into the details (click on the image to enlarge):

  • UUIDs and GFIDs are now displayed as 4-2-2-2-6 bytes
  • flags for OPEN, CREATE etc are now shown in detail
  • mode/umask permissions are now shown in detail
  • dictionaries are displayed more user friendly
Most of the work was done so that the dissector files get in shape for (requesting) inclusion in upstream.

The full log is available, and so are updated RPMs for Fedora-16, Fedora-17 and EPEL-6. If installing a patched Wireshark isn't an option, you can build a wireshark-plugin-gluster easily with the steps in the provided README. On the project wiki, there are some pre-captured tcpdumps for consumption. Only a hand full of minor issues are know at this time, more reviewing and reporting is definitely welcome!

If you notice that some packets/frames are not displayed as Gluster, and you think they should, check gluster-wireshark wiki where is explained how to prevent PCEP and other protocols from claiming packers/frames.
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