Changing vim settings depending on the git repository containing the file

Not all projects I am regularly working on use the same CodingStyle. This is very unfortunate, and sometimes makes it time consuming to provide acceptable patches. One common example is that some project indent with a <tab>, where others expect <4-spaces>.

I could not find a vim plugin or other extension that lets me pick vim-settings per git repository. The idea that I came up with, is to set the project specific vim-settings in the git-config itself. For example:

$ git config --add vim.settings 'tabstop=4 expandtab'
Now, in my ~/.vimrc, I have the following snippet:

let git_settings = system("git config --get vim.settings")
if strlen(git_settings)
exe "set" git_settings

Editing a file in the git repository that contains the above vim.settings, now replaces my <tab> by <4-spaces>. Other repositories that do not have the vim.settings will fall-back to my vim defaults. If you can think of any improvements or suggestions, please share them.
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