Chicken-Melon Soup

Just had a (late) lunch at Gallia (corner Stargarderstr./Papelallee, Berlin). They change the menu every 3-4 weeks, so there is always something new to try.

Today I had a chicken-melon soup (very exotic!). It's a very tasteful combination of chicken, gallia melon balls, lots of cream and some spices. It tasted really great and inspired me to Blog about it :)

For the main course I chose Pasta Gallia. No melon on this dish, but therefor fried chicken, noodles and champions in a nice sauce. Some salad leaves and small pieces of tomato made it really look appetizing.

I can highly recommend anyone to visit Gallia. For this menu, including a coke and my coffee afterwards, I paid around €15. You can definitely eat cheaper in the area, but the food is outstanding, service is nice and it is't overcrowded like lot's of other restaurants.
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