Playing with The GIMP and Gravatar

Some blogs, archives for mailing lists, other site and even some application seem to be able to find a matching icon/avatar for the user that posts a message. Blogger,, but also for example Gmane use Gravatar (Gravatar is one of the avatar-services used by Gmane, not the only one.).

Personally I always like to know how the others I am working with look like. This makes is also easier in case one actually meets one other.

Gravatar is actually pretty easy to use, you only need to calculate the MD5-hash from an emailaddress and append that to a URL:

$ echo -n [email protected] | md5sum
The emailaddress is a fake one, the md5sum is real though.

Now the URL (optionally append .gif, .jpg, ...) can be used to retrieve the avatar:

Of course this only makes sense if you have an icon of yourself. I created my current one, using The GIMP with some help from the following sites:
There are surely other tutorials that explain the same, but Google put these high in the results and they worked for me.
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