First stable update for 3.8 is available, GlusterFS 3.8.1 fixes several bugs

The initial release of Gluster 3.8 was the start of a new Long-Term-Maintenance version with monthly updates. These updates include bugfixes and stability improvements only, making it a version that can safely be installed in production environments. It is planned that the Long-Term-Maintenance versions receive updates for a year. With minor releases going to happen every three months, the upcoming 3.9 version will be a Short-Term-Maintenance with updates until the next version is released three months later.
GlusterFS 3.8.1 has been released a week ago, and in the mean time packages for many distributions have been made available. We recommend all our 3.8.0 users to upgrade to 3.8.1. Environments that run on 3.6.x should consider an upgrade path in the next months, 3.6 will be End-Of-Life when 3.9 is released.

Release notes for Gluster 3.8.1

This is a bugfix release. The Release Notes for 3.8.0 contain a listing of all the new features that were added and bugs fixed in the GlusterFS 3.8 stable release.

Bugs addressed

A total of 35 patches have been sent, addressing 32 bugs:
  • #1345883: [geo-rep]: Worker died with [Errno 2] No such file or directory
  • #1346134: quota : rectify quota-deem-statfs default value in gluster v set help command
  • #1346158: Possible crash due to a timer cancellation race
  • #1346750: Unsafe access to inode->fd_list
  • #1347207: Old documentation link in log during Geo-rep MISCONFIGURATION
  • #1347355: glusterd: SuSE build system error for incorrect strcat, strncat usage
  • #1347489: IO ERROR when multiple graph switches
  • #1347509: Data Tiering:tier volume status shows as in-progress on all nodes of a cluster even if the node is not part of volume
  • #1347524: NFS+attach tier:IOs hang while attach tier is issued
  • #1347529: rm -rf to a dir gives directory not empty(ENOTEMPTY) error
  • #1347553: O_DIRECT support for sharding
  • #1347590: Ganesha+Tiering: Continuous "0-glfs_h_poll_cache_invalidation: invalid argument" messages getting logged in ganesha-gfapi logs.
  • #1348055: cli core dumped while providing/not wrong values during arbiter replica volume
  • #1348060: Worker dies with [Errno 5] Input/output error upon creation of entries at slave
  • #1348086: [geo-rep]: Worker crashed with "KeyError: "
  • #1349274: [geo-rep]: If the data is copied from .snaps directory to the master, it doesn't get sync to slave [First Copy]
  • #1349711: [Granular entry sh] - Implement renaming of indices in index translator
  • #1349879: AFR winds a few reads of a file in metadata split-brain.
  • #1350326: Protocol client not mounting volumes running on older versions.
  • #1350785: Add relative path validation for gluster copy file utility
  • #1350787: gfapi: in case of handle based APIs, close glfd after successful create
  • #1350789: Buffer overflow when attempting to create filesystem using libgfapi as driver on OpenStack
  • #1351025: Implement API to get page aligned iobufs in iobuf.c
  • #1351151: ganesha.enable remains on in volume info file even after we disable nfs-ganesha on the cluster.
  • #1351154: nfs-ganesha disable doesn't delete nfs-ganesha folder from /var/run/gluster/shared_storage
  • #1351711: build: remove absolute paths from glusterfs spec file
  • #1352281: Issues reported by Coverity static analysis tool
  • #1352393: [FEAT] DHT - rebalance - rebalance status o/p should be different for 'fix-layout' option, it should not show 'Rebalanced-files' , 'Size', 'Scanned' etc as it is not migrating any files.
  • #1352632: qemu libgfapi clients hang when doing I/O
  • #1352817: [scale]: Bricks not started after node reboot.
  • #1352880: gluster volume info --xml returns 0 for nonexistent volume
  • #1353426: glusterd: glusterd provides stale port information when a volume is recreated with same brick path
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