Icarus theme for Hugo

In my post from last week about migrating from Googles Blogger to Hugo I mentioned that the hugo-minimalist-theme has been configured. This is not the case anymore, The site currently uses the Icarus theme,

It has been modified a little to redirect site-wide searches to DuckDuckGo instead of Google. At one point I might figure out how to do that nicely and can send the change to the author of the theme.

While looking through older posts in this blog, it seems that some are not rendered completely correctly. As there are quite some technical bits spread through a few posts, the <pre> an <tt> markup for code/scripts/.. is not handled. This is a little of an annoyance and I probably will replace it with <code> tags for now. Those old posts have been converted from HTML, and are not plain MarkDown like the new ones. The formatting in MarkDown seems to be fine:

$ echo "do not try this at home"
$ rm -rf ${HOME}
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