A Fujitsu Siemens webcam on Linux

Today I got a webcam (loaned from work) working under CentOS. It's a nameless model from Fujitsu Siemens Computers (USB Vendor/Product 0c45:613b).

The sn9c102-driver

I have packaged the suitable driver from Luca Risolia. There also seems to be a binary-only driver which is only available for Ubuntu 7.04. This driver should be better, however it can't be used for free on other Linux distributions.

Downloaded the .src.rpm for the driver from my homepage (direct download).

GTK+ UVC Viewer

Having only a driver is of no use. There should also be a easy to use viewer software. I was unable to find a packaged version for guvcview, so created the RPM myself. The .src.rpm is also available from my site.

No Skype :(

Unfortunately Skype does not support the MJPEG-format delivered by this camera. Looking for possible solutions, I found the ov51x-jpeg-driver and gstfakevideo. Tried both and got the same unsuccessful result.

gstfakevideo seems most promising as it does everything in user-space. It is mainly a library which gets loaded before any others libraries (see LD_PRELOAD in man ld.so). This makes it possible to change the behavior of any function-call. In this case Skype uses libgstreamer and the API can be changed on the fly. But as it doesn't work and the camera is not my personal posession, I won't look into this much more.
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