Developing with Google App Engine on CentOS-5

Unfortunately CentOS-5 does not have python-2.4 yet. When using wsgiref.handlers.CGIHandler for handling get() and/or post() requests the following ImportError occurs:

ImportError: No module named wsgiref.handlers

This can be solved by installing the Python Extension wsgiref. I've created an SRPM which can be rebuilt quite easily.

After the installation of WSGI, the google_appengine/ still does not find the library. This can be solved by configuring the wsgire as a third party module.

cd /path/to/my/google/app
ln -s /usr/lib/python-2.4/site-packages/wsgiref

Now it should be possible to run the Google App:

google_appengine/ /path/to/my/google/app

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