GlusterFS 3.8.14 is here, 3.8 even closer to End-Of-Life

The 10th of the month has passed again, that means a 3.8.x update can't be far out. So, here it is, we're announcing the availability of glusterfs-3.8.14. Note that this is one of the last updates in the 3.8 Long-Term-Maintenance release stream. This schedule on the website shows what options you have for upgrading your environment. Remember that many distributions have packages included in their standard repositories, and other versions might be available from external locations. All the details about what packages to find where are on the Community Package page in the docs.

Release notes for Gluster 3.8.14

This is a bugfix release. The Release Notes for 3.8.0, 3.8.1, 3.8.2, 3.8.3, 3.8.4, 3.8.5, 3.8.6, 3.8.7, 3.8.8, 3.8.9, 3.8.10, 3.8.11, 3.8.12 and 3.8.13 contain a listing of all the new features that were added and bugs fixed in the GlusterFS 3.8 stable release.

Bugs addressed

A total of 3 patches have been merged, addressing 2 bugs:
  • #1462447: brick maintenance - no client reconnect
  • #1467272: Heal info shows incorrect status
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